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Glands are the most important parts in our body which help our body to function nicely. Our sages were very intelligent and designed all the Yoga postures in such a way which help to stimulate the glands if we practice them after learnt nicely from trained yoga trainer.

Many factors are there which decides the health of our glands i.e. your diet, your daily activities, your mental pressure and many more but Yoga is the best way which helps your glands to function perfectly. There are many postures which help to cure the Thyroid Gland but here I will discuss the easier and classical postures to stimulate the Thyroid & Parathyroid gland thus maximum people can take the benefits with minimum efforts.

My purpose is always to introduce the simple but the best yoga techniques from the classical scripture of Yoga which is still alive by the master disciple’s system from thousands of year. In past thyroid problems were maximum in females but now it’s very common in males as well. This blog of mine will definitely help you to cure your thyroid without medicines but only if you practice the same.

I always advise my readers not just to store the information of Yoga in your brain but apply the same to avail the benefits. A great saint from India Swami Sivananda said: “An ounce of practice is better than tons of theories”. So let’s understand how your thyroid gland function and what is the suggested Yoga which helps it to work properly.

What is Thyroid Gland?

The thyroid gland is situated in your neck which is the part of the endocrine gland. The main purpose of this gland is to produce two hormones which secreted with the blood(Thyroxine T4 & Triiodothyronine T3). To work normally all the cells in your body compulsory needs both the hormones.

These days disorders of thyroid can be seen very common in women, men, youth, babies, children or we can say, anybody. Survey says that about 1 in 12 people has at least some kind disorder of thyroid, that could be permanent or temporary.

This glad is situated in the front part of your neck in a position just under your Adam’s apple. It is made up of two lobes-  one is right lobe and other is left lobe, the size of each lobe is about half part of a plum. Thyroid tissue known as Isthmus joins both lobes by a small bridge. Both lobes lie on either side of your windpipe.

Suggested Yoga Asanas For Thyroid Gland

1. Sarvang Asana(Shoulder Stand)

Sarvang Asana(Shoulder Stand) is known as the mother of all yoga asanas. This is the best-inverted posture which brings the blood from the legs towards the head. As there is no organ in the legs but because of the gravity blood flow is always more towards the legs. Our head needs more blood it does not get the required blood because of the same gravity. When we practice the Sarvang Asana by locking the chin with chest we can hold the blood at the neck reason which helps to stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands. If you have the cervical problem or neck injury don’t practice it or consult with your yoga trainer.

Yogi Ajay Rana in Sarvang Asana(Shoulder Stand)

Process To Do The Sarvang Asana

After doing 3 to 4 sets of Surya Namaskar Sets(As per Video Footer) lie down on your yoga mat. Bring your feet together. Place your arms around the body palms facing down. Take two or three deep breaths. Now, as you inhale lift your both legs up, hips up, buttocks up, trunk up and hold with palms on the upper back(which is downside now). Before doing any adjustment take two or three deep breath thus your body and mind understand that you are into invert position. Now if you want to adjust the posture than bend your knees towards the forehead. Now shift your elbows near to each other or parallel to shoulders. Once you feel comfortable again lift your legs up. Lock your chin with the chest. Hold this posture as per your body allow. Don’t force your body to do the same in the beginning. Later you may increase the timing from 3 to 5 minutes. When you want to release the posture bend your knees towards the forehead. Place your palms one by one on the ground. Now place your spine vertebrae by
vertebrae. Slowly place your back, trunk and legs on the ground without lifting your head. This is the best yoga posture for the thyroid but it must be followed by the counter posture Matsya Asana(Fish Pose).

2.Matsya Asana(Fish Pose)

Matsya Asana(Fish Pose) is not only the counter posture of Sarvang Asana but this asana also helps to stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Make sure when you practice this asana your focus must be on the neck reason. It is advised to practice this asana just after the sarvang asana. You should spend half of the time of sarvang asana in this posture as if you practised the sarvang asana for 2 minutes you should practice this asana for 1 minute.

Yogi Ajay Rana in Matsya Asana(Fish Pose)

Process to do Matsya Asana(Fish Pose)

Once you finish with the Sargang Asana relax for few breaths on the mat before we start the counterpoise. Now place your hands under your body. Hide your elbows completely under your body. Palms under your buttocks. Now push your elbows down and lift your head and chest up. Now try to bring your elbows nearer to each other. Shift your body weight on your elbows and keep lifting your chest up. Now hand your head let the crown of the head go down. Keep breathing and let the head relax on the floor. Make sure body weight if completely on the elbows, not on the head. Inhale and expand your diaphragm, Exhale contract your abdomen. To release, the posture lift your head up. Slowly release the hands and put your back down on the mat. Relax your thyroid gland but focusing on the neck reason.

3. Setu Bandh Asana(Bridge Pose)

Setu Bandh Asana is also very good asana for the thyroid and parathyroid glands. If you have Sevier back pain then avoid doing this asana. This asana is also very good for the back.

Yogi Ajay Rana in Setu Bandh Asana(Bridge Pose)

How to do Setu Band Asana(Bridge Pose)

Lie down on your back take two, three deep breath. Place your palms beside your body. Open your legs shoulders bit part bend your knees. Bring your heels near to your buttocks. Lift your hips, Buttocks up. Support on the back, this time fingers towards the back and thumbs towards the chest. Lock your chin with the chest nicely. Hold the posture as per your body allow. Then release the posture and relax on the mat.

4. Pawanmukt Asana

Pawanmukt asana is the counter pose for the Ardh Chakra Asana & Chakra Asana. This not only helps the spine to relax but also help to stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Yogi Ajay Rana in Pawanmukt Asana

Process to the Pawanmukt Asana

Roll back on the mat take two or three deep breaths. Now bend your knees towards the chest. Hug your shin bones and press your spine down. Now lift your head up and try to bring the knows or chin or forehead between the knees. Hold the posture for a few breaths. Make sure you breathe while you hold any of the above postures. When you want to release the posture you can put your head back release the shin bones. Inhale lift your legs up. Exhale legs down. Now give a complete relaxation to your thyroid and parathyroid glands.

If you practice these asanas every day it will help you to cure your thyroid problems and will never face the same again. Nutrient-rich foods that improve your health may also benefit your thyroid gland. for more details, you may contact us by email.

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  1. Terima kasih banyak sudah memberikan ilmu yoga untuk kesehatan thyroid saya, karena sudah lama saya mengidap hyper thyroid yang walaupun dokter pernah mengatakan bahwa nodule pada thyroid saya cool nodule tetapi sedikit mengganggu pernapasan. Saya akan mempraktekkan yoga ini untuk kesembuhan saya. Semoga tuhan memberikan jalan terbaik dan memberkati. Amiin.

  2. Translated by admin:-
    Thank you very much for giving yoga knowledge to my thyroid health, because I have had a hyper thyroid for a long time even though my doctor once said that my nodule in my thyroid is cool nodule but a little interferes with breathing. I will practice yoga for my healing. May God give the best way and bless. Amiin.

    Thanks for this

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