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Doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong, Doesn’t matter what kind of body type you and your parents have. Everybody is this planet wants to increase his/her height. Did you know as per one of the surveys 67% peoples in the world feel that they have short height? Especially females! There are many farmaceutical companies and doctors who claim that they can help you to increase your height. I am not against their methods but there are many side-effects by increasing the height with drugs or unnaturally. Most of the people always want to increase their height naturally. In other words, we can say that people want to increase their height by exercises or by doing Yoga practice. If you are also struggling with you height due to genetic reasons or continental issues so now no need to worry. Here I will help you to get rid of short height issues. I will also help you to increase the height naturally by yoga and by some other natural ways.

What is the main factor of Short/Tall Height?

First, we have to understand what decides the short or tall height in humans and also in animals as well. There is a growth hormone which is also known as somatotropin which plays a great role to increase or decrease the height in humans and animals. This human growth hormone is produced by the body for a limited age. If we leave a few cases we can say that the maximum age of the production fo human growth hormone in humans is 18 to 21. After that body stops the increase the height. Apart from genetic reasons, there are many factors which play a great role of short or tall height i.e. what do you eat? your physical activities etc. We will discuss it in the below paragraphs.

Height Growth Hormone(HGH)

What to eat to grow taller?

It’s a very important question that what should be eating to grow taller. Every person has different kind of choices to eat as per his geographical living location, religious eating habits, tongue taste or maybe some other factors. I respect every person so I am not against or in favour of any eating lifestyle if someone has as per his choices but here I will tell you only about vegetarian diet which will help to increase a good height. Because firstly it is natural secondly it’s advised as per Yogic diet. If you really want your children to be taller and smart then try to add these vegetarian eating products in the daily food of your children. These will not only help to increase the height of your children but will also help them to be away from the junk food & unhealthy eating lifestyle. Researches show that if you include spinach, carrots, milk, yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, banana and other green vegetables and fruits in the daily diet of your children they will become taller, healthy and smart.

How to increase height by Yoga?

I receive a large number of emails, messages and calls from people from different parts of the globe to suggest them Yoga to increase the height or how to increase the height by exercises. There are several stretching exercises & yoga postures which help people to increase the height if they start yoga at the right age. Childhood is the very perfect time to make them understand the importance of a good height. I will advise below asanas from Classical Yoga to the children or youth for a good height. Spine plays a great role to be taller. If the knots of the vertebrae of the spine are not open nicely person would have a short height. This is the reason spinal movements and some stretching Yoga asanas can help to have a handsome height. Many people ask questions that how to increase height after 21? How to increase height before 18? how to increase height after 20? How to increase height after 35? How to increase height in 1 week? etc. Everything is possible if you have the right guidance but it can’t be done in a week or a month. It will take some time. You can write to us to know more or to know the correct way to progress in Yoga postures of increasing the height. Below are few of the asanas from Classical Yoga to increase the height. The classical way of doing Surya Namaskar(Sun Salutation) is also the best way to increase the height. Below youtube link is the right way of doing Surya Namaskar.

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