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Who is A Yoga Teacher in this era?

Yoga has become the most import way to be fit and peaceful in this age of the fast-moving world. Unemployment is increasing because the population is growing very fast. People are very busy in their professional life so they are not able to focus much on their health. So most of them are looking for A Yoga Teacher to do Yoga. Nowadays becoming A Yoga Teacher is very easy. There are thousands of schools around the globe who are providing the one-month yoga teacher training program and giving the certified yoga teacher training certificate of 200 hours or 300 hours. A large number of teachers belong to these schools only. We can say that becoming A Yoga Teacher is the easiest way in current time. Do you think that one can become a teacher of Yoga in 200 or 300 hours?

Who Certify These Yoga Teachers?

There are few yoga alliances and many boards who claim that we are the best alliances to judge a school or a teacher. These alliances certify the schools by sitting in other countries by charging some amount per year to continue the membership of the school thus these schools can produce yoga teachers with one month course. Moreover, the teachers who are teaching these students during this one month most of them also have done a similar yoga course either from the same school or from the other. After doing this one month course a yoga teacher is ready to give the knowledge of yoga anywhere in the world because now he is an authorised yoga teacher from one of the certified yoga school which school is authorised by some alliance or board.

Are these Yoga Teachers reliable to learn yoga?

Although I am no-one to answer this question whether these are reliable teachers or not. Moreover, I have no right to put my finger on the credibility of the yoga schools for issuing the certificates of Yoga teacher but as per my experience of my Yoga life since 1998 I just understood that no-one can become a teacher of Yoga in his/her life. One can only remain a student of yoga till the death. Yoga is a very vast subject and even one life is not enough to become a yoga teacher. I personally believe that if you have the good Karmas from your past life then only you can associate with Yoga in your current life. Even to become a doctor it takes more than five years to get a degree and he or she has to pass the several exams to get the degree. But these schools give the certificate of a yoga teacher to everyone who enrols in the exams. Many of the people who attend these programs are failures from the other fields or join these courses to get rid of the bad habits like smoking or alcohol addiction. After spending one month living in such schools these teachers are ready to teach yoga and change the lives of others. Trust me most of the teachers around the globe are just from this category. They could be good in showing the Asanas but Asanas are just one small part of Yoga. In other words, we can say that Asanas are not yoga. These teachers are just forcing their students to do more and more asanas without understanding the condition of the body type. Many yoga teachers even don’t know the sequence of yoga poses and counterposes and because of that their students face the problems and start to hate Yoga for the rest of their life. Many people complained to me about these kinds of problems when they attend my workshops or classes.

What to do before hiring A Yoga Teacher?

You don’t need to do anything special before hiring a Yoga Teacher for you. Certificates authorized by any alliance or board is just a piece of paper if he/ she does not has the practical knowledge of proper yogic teaching. Before starting your classes with any teacher you must take the feedback from his/her previous students or teaching places. He/She must be properly certified from some good trusted Yoga School. He/She must be fit enough. His/Her knowledge on the Sanskrit mantras or prayers is also important because these are more important than just doing asanas.

Yogi Ajay Rana

I hope my articles give you the right information you need. Your regular feedback and guidance encourage me to write more and more. Keep giving your blessings thus I can keep writing and share my knowledge by the grace of God.

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  1. I agree with your article. A good yoga teacher not only shows how to do but also must improve the students. Beside that the teacher must explain the wright movement step by step, the useful of the movement & the effect of the wrong movement.

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