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Learning Is Fun For Kids!

Kids are the future of every nation. Swami Vivekananda said that if you want to destroy any country just give the wrong education/knowledge to the kids. Its really very true that whatever habit we develop from the childhood its very difficult to leave that till the end of the life. We know very well that in which direction our young generation is going on. Even we don’t have enough time to watch our children that what are they doing. Most of the youngsters are spending time in the mobiles, computes or television for watching the programs or playing the games. This is not only creating the bad habit to kill the time but also making them physically weak by keeping them away from the outdoor games. Once they start to play  or watch programs on these devices they even forget the time. 

Kids Yoga, Arjun Rana, Master Arjun Rana, Yogi Arjun Rana, Arjun, Yogi Arjun
Kids Yoga, Arjun Rana, Master Arjun Rana, Arjun Rana, Arjun, Yogi Arjun

Flexibility Is In Your Mind!

Yogi Ajay Rana has picked the special things from the classical Yoga from the kids and made it very attractive and special from the point of view of the young generation. In this way they can be mentally and physically very strong and this will not only help to fulfill the dreams of the children and their parents but will also help to establish a perfect nation in this era. So without wasting your time contact us to make your naughty child a Yogi Child.

Eat What Is Good For You

Eating habits must must be corrected from the very right age of a child. Whatever you eat you become like that. Once the eating style is adopted by a child its very difficult to correct it later. I have seen that children make their favorite or non-favorite food items just because of taste of it. But it is really very bad for them. We must teach them “Eat to Life” Not “Live to Eat”. Food first effect the mind than the body. We must give them the Sattvic Food.

Kids Yoga, Yogi Arjun Rana, Arjun Rana, Master Arjun Rana, Arjun
"Little Master Yogi Arjun Rana is very incredabe and a great person. He is a great inspiration for the young kids. I wish him best of luck for his Yoga Journey.
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